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You may be looking to develop a feeling of ease in your body, explore your capacity for flexibility and strength, or simply make a space in your week that is just for you. Many of us race through busy lives without much opportunity to pause, take a breath, reconnect with ourselves, notice where we might be holding tension in our bodies and relax.

At its heart, yoga is about coming home to yourself, or, in other words, developing a sense of unity between mind and body. Practising yoga can also help us to get to know our bodies and ourselves better, simply by noticing sensations, and exploring the range of movements available to us. Often there is scope to release where we are over-working or engage where we are under-working in our bodies, and experience a sense of greater integration throughout the body – and mind – as a result. The bottom line is that yoga is meant to feel good, and is for everyone, regardless of size, shape, fitness level or how coordinated you are.

We offer one-to-one yoga based on traditional hatha yoga – simple, straightforward yoga with a focus on sensible alignment, respect for the needs of your body and a focus on generating a sense of integration. At times you will work hard, and may need to use your concentration to access your body’s capacity to work as one. Overall the aim is to experience a sense of alert relaxation – a readiness to be your best self in the face of life’s challenges!
Learning yoga one-to-one means the practice can be tailored to exactly what you need, working at your pace and at a time that suits you. You can ask questions, share your feedback on what feels good or not so good, and we can be responsive to however your body is feeling in the session.

One-to-One Yoga

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In her own words
Susanna Wilson

Susanna Wilson

Yoga Teacher

I teach yoga one-to-one which is a totally different experience from being in a class environment. Rather than follow a pre-prepared lesson plan, I respond to the needs of the client and tailor the practice as we go. The result is a much more relational experience with more feedback and talking. In my experience this is great for relaxation; feeling more grounded; getting in touch with your body; developing a stronger sense of self; feeling like parts of your body are ‘waking up’ after having lacked awareness in that space. My aim is to nurture and respect the individual. It is not about making shapes, being bendy or being able to do a handstand or looking great in leggings. It is about exploring your own body, listening to what it’s telling you and making a space for yourself in an often busy life.

I am a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance UK, and in addition to my 200 hour yoga teacher training I have completed a week long training in restorative yoga and yoga for emotional balance. I have also completed a six-day training with Kate Ellis at renowned London studio Triyoga in embodied relational yoga therapy. I have gone on to assist Kate with a future training and continue to study with her one-to-one myself.