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How therapies can benefit you


A more stable and open mind with a healthy body gives you the grounding you need to connect more whole-heartedly.


Therapies integrate the mind with body intelligence. Keeping both healthy is essential for overall wellness.
Canary Wharf Therapies

Emotional Wellbeing

Emotions can help us find what inspires and moves us. And they can also feel overwhelming and harmful. Learn emotional Intelligence.

Mental Stamina

The brain can focus and work optimally when the body is rested and emotions are manageable.

Our Therapies

To help you gain resilience of body and mind and overall wellbeing

Bowen technique

Greg Curylo

Nutritional Therapy

Sylvia Salvendy

Nutritional Therapy E14

One-to-one therapy

Chris MacGovern

Counselling Canary Wharf

Ayurvedic Medicine

Prathima Nagesh

Relationship & Family counelling

Chris MacGovern

Couples counselling E14

Mindfulness meditation

Sherylin Thompson

Mindfulness meditation East London

Try Bowen Technique for FREE

Bad Back? Frozen Shoulder? Migraine Headaches?

Free 20 minute taster sessions available on Mondays

Our Therapists

Carefully chosen for strength of training, qualifications and experience
East London Ayurvedic Doctor

Dr Prathima Nagesh

Ayurvedic Doctor

Ayurvedic Medicine

Canary Wharf


Cannon Workshops,
Cannon Drive
Canary Wharf, E14 4AS


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