Dr Prathima Nagesh

Dr Prathima Nagesh

Ayurvedic Doctor


Profession: Ayurvedic Doctor
Therapies: Ayurvedic Medicine


E-mail: agnihealthcare@gmail.com
Phone: 07531401732


East London Ayurvedic Doctor

Dr Prathima Nagesh obtained her degree (BAMS) from Mangalore University, India. She subsequently specialized in Panchakarma MD from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, India. Her research included Pancharkarma in arthritis. She is practicing in UK and Europe for more than 10yrs. She has a clinic in Essex, UK. She is a lecturer for past 11yrs, and works at College of Ayurveda(Milton Keynes) and as well at the Middlesex University London. Dr Prathima Nagesh is also a visiting expert at School van Ayurveda (school of Ayurveda) in Belgium. She has presented papers and given talks on Ayurveda in many conferences and institutes in India and Europe. She has represented Ayurvedic Medical association and college of Ayurveda at the House of Parliament, during Ayurvedic meeting for discussion on regulations.




Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S.)from Mangalore University, India. This is a graduate degree awarded after the study of five and a half years duration, including 1-year internship.


Panchakarma MD from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, India. A Doctor of Medicine in Panchakarma is a Clinical course to become an Ayurvedic physician, researcher, teacher and to contribute to the medical and health sciences.


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Canary Wharf nutrition therapy


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