Rosemary Pharo

Rosemary Pharo

Reiki Practitioner and Tutor


Profession: Reiki Practioner
Therapies: Reiki Aroma and Massage


Phone: 07940 913382

Reiki Background

Reiki Practitioner Canary Wharf

Rosemary has held positions such as the Secretary for the Reiki Council (2008 to 2015), Chair of The Reiki Guild, and Regional Co-ordinator for Complementary Therapists Association (CThA) for London. As such, Rosemary has been helping to set standards for complementary therapy practice since 2003. Her involvement has included writing the Reiki Council website and designing their logo, as well as editing the Reiki Council Resource Handbook for Reiki Practitioners. Rosemary has also published a book on Reiki.

Rosemary came into Reiki by chance while studying meta-aromatherapy. She first took up studies in 1998, and began teaching Reiki in 2002. Rosemary has spent time with teachers such as Robert Jefford, who studied in Japan from the age of seven. This has brought major insights and a solid understanding of the roots of Reiki and its true purpose and aims. Along the way, she has met many practitioners and teachers who have made her reflect, grow and widen her horizons, to whom she also owes a debt of gratitude.

Key Qualifications


National Childbirth Trust/University of Bedfordshire, Level 6


Reiki 3A, Reiki Teacher (level 4), Allan Sweeny International training centre


Diploma in Meta-aromatherapy, Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy. NVQ Level 3, Christine Westwood Training


BA (Hons) Combined Arts, University of Leicester

Reiki Practitioner Registrations

Reiki E14


The CThA is a leading professional association representing spa and complementary therapists in the UK and Ireland.

Reiki Canary Wharf

The Reiki Guild

The Reiki Guild is an international organisation set up in 1998 to set high standards that the public, medical and other authorities can call upon with confidence.

Reiki E14

Reiki Council

The Reiki Council advises people practising Reiki publicly (professional practitioners), regulators, qualifications authorities and any other relevant body wishing to know best practice standards for Reiki practitioners. The Reiki Council is the lead advisory council for Reiki practitioners in the UK.

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