Abdus Azad

Abdus Azad

Unani-Tibb physician


Profession: Ancient Greek natural medicine (Tibb) practitioner
Therapies: Tibb medicine including mizaj/temperament diagnosis, pulse diagnosis, tongue diagnosis. herbal remedies, and dietary guidance


E-mail: info@nutritioneast.co 
Phone: 0203 858 0298
Website: www.nutritioneast.co


Canary Wharf Tibb/Unani Physician

Abdus Samad AZAD a qualified Tibb (Greek Medicine) physician specialising in energetic foods and holistic therapy. As a respected authority on these subjects, he gives regular talks and seminars at conferences and institutes around the country. His special interest is on the digestive system which in turn impacts the skin, weight, digestion, mental health and mood. The management of digestion can lead to improvements in all area of health.




Tibb/Unani physician – College of medicine and healing arts


Canary Wharf Tibb Physician

International Association of Natural Medicine

IANM has been incorporated to meet increasing needs of people who are seeking care and services of well trained, experienced and ethical physicians of natural medicine.

IANM values and promotes diversity of natural health care traditions, with particular promotion and development of traditional Unani-tibb medicine as a natural alternative healthcare.

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