Massage Therapy

For health and relaxation

Massage Therapy

There are two different ways to massage. They are use of pressure and broad strokes along the length of the muscle. Most massage techniques, of which there are many, fit into these two muscle manipulations.


Holistic (Swedish) Massage

Holistic (Swedish) Massage is performed on a raised, padded table. You undress to your underwear. Towels, sheets and blankets are used to keep you warm and offer some modesty. Oils, waxes, body butters or talc can be used to allow hands to glide over the muscles that need the work.

Blended oils can be used for their natural health qualities. For example, some oils have great moisturising qualities, particularly for dry mature skins, like coconut oil or shea oil.

Holistic massage uses a range of massage movements. The most used and naturalistic is the stroking movement along the length of the muscles called effleurage.

Other movements include kneading called petrissage, percussion movements and vibration. Any competent masseur will pick the massage movement to suit the needs of the client. Always provide feedback to your therapist during your massage to ensure that your experience is as pleasant and healing as possible.



Deep Tissue Massage

This type of massage uses firm and slow strokes and pressure to reach deeper layers of muscles and fascia. This is because stiff, knotted and painful areas are points of the of the body in a state of tension. Deep Tissue massage increases circulation to the treated areas, providing increased oxygen and nutrients. It is beneficial for healing.


Abdominal Massage

Deep abdominal massage is a great treatment that focuses on the functions of the abdomen. It can help to release trapped gases, blockages and waste products. Massaging the abdomin helps digestion and gastric problems, soothes the nerves and benefits all the organs that are connected. Abdominal massage helps to detoxify and strengthen the lower abdomen, and is particularly useful for relaxing tension in the abdomen and promoting blood flow. Those who have IBS, period pains and recurrent indigestion find abdominal massage helpful for their condition.


Warm Bamboo Massage

This treatment is innovation utilising deep tissue technique work. It is both relaxing and warming to aching muscles. Unscented oils are used and the warm slow application of pressure provides the right cue of total relaxation of the mind, body and spirit.


1-to-1 Creative Dance Movement

For learners with or without experience of dance we will be working on moving comfortably and creatively to music whilst exploring how we move, breath and stretch ourselves. Each class will have a warm up, some technique and lots of time for creative movement.

Massage Therapy


Improve flexibility

Increase muscle tone and circulation


Resting heart rate and BP

Reduce stress & harmful hormones


Promote good health

Gain better health

Stimulate healing

Increased circulation

Improve self image

Feel good from the inside out

Improve digestion

Tranquil transit of waste through the body


Range of movement

Passive mobilisation of joints helps

Break down toxins

Promote lymphatic circulation

Promote self care

Respond to your needs

Your Therapist

In her own words
Pauline Blackwood

Pauline Blackwood

Massage Therapist

I have always had a strong interest in the healing process, especially having undergone surgery and injuries in the past. It is a humbling experience learning how to function again after time off sick. What fills me with wonder however, is the bodies ability to heal and come back even stronger.

In massage it is possible to see, feel and enhance the healing process, in a gentle, natural way with the cooperation of the massage client. So it is with a sense of cooperation that I work.

This work works on the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing of the individual. That is why it sustains me and encourages me to provide the best service that I can.