What is mindfulness?

By being aware in the very present moment, usually using the breath as a focal point, the mind slows down enough for you to watch its nature. This helps still the mind and many people find relaxation as a side effect. But the real purpose is to become more engaged with your life and others as you learn to live with more openness, clarity and vitality.  

Mindfulness trains your mind to find stillness in the very present moment. From a still place inside you, can can better observe  how you tick. You become more aware of how your own unique cogwheels of feelings, thoughts and behavior interact. Mindfulness helps you be still long enough to be able to know yourself better and not just act on autopilot. Like a scientist, you put the microscope of your aware attention onto yourself to understand more clearly what is going on in your mind. You become more aware of how much of you is made from habit.

Mindfulness East London brings the world-renowned and research-validated courses MBSR and MBCT to your doorstep. Learn to meditate with programmes that have won mindfulness its global recognition.

First we make our habits and then our habits make us.

John Dryden


This Dryden quote points out that sometimes it is difficult for us to notice our habits because we are our habits. You may have blind spots in your self-awareness. Mindfulness is a set of skills and state of mind to help you see yourself through your habits. You place the center of focused and unbiased attention on body, feelings, thoughts and actions and watch them live in the very moment. The academic most widely credited for bringing mindfulness to the Western world, says:  

Mindfulness is paying attention in a particular way; on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally.

Jon Kabat-Zinn

Mindfulness Academic

The benefits of mindfulness



Sharpen concentration & attention


Work/life, heart/head, body/mind



Ground, centre, unwind & still the mind

Develop creativity

Open up to new possibilities of thinking and relating



Enjoy interactions with others more


Cope with pain

Find a way to live with pain and difficulties

Choose how you learn mindfulness

Private tuition

Book a time and day to suit you. And bring a friend or two to share the cost of the course.

Group class

Join a scheduled group class. The next 8-week programme starts in September 2016.

Your Therapist

In her own words
Sherylin Thompson

Sherylin Thompson

Mindfulness Teacher

I am particularly interested in how mindfulness can build resilience and help people from all walks of life move closer towards leading more fulfilled and contented lives. I have undergone a structured mindfulness teacher training programme through Bangor University and I meet the criteria set by the UK Network for Mindfulness Based Teachers. My doctoral research pointed to recommendations for mindfulness to help people better manage their emotions.

I have for more than 12 years had a personal mindfulness practice. I lived in an urban retreat-like setting for three years where mindfulness was embraced as an everyday way of life. I have also frequented mindfulness retreat centres over the years and has a deep interest in the traditions from which mindfulness comes.

I believe that I bring a unique blend of personal practical immersion in mindfulness, academic learning, and background career history in the not-for-profit sector. I aim to bring a down-to-earth approach in bringing high-quality mindfulness East London courses to grassroots level as well as to top corporate clients. You can read a longer profile on me by clicking here.