Nutritional Therapy

Optimal Health through Personalised Nutrition

Nutritional Therapy

Good nutrition can make the difference between you feeling just “okay” and feeling in top mental and physical form. However, eating in a way that supports your health and is nevertheless enjoyable is a challenge for some people. Many people try to make positive dietary and lifestyle changes to their own health or family health, only to be confused by conflicting advice, and/or overwhelmed by complicated and unrealistic regimes.

Sylvia understands the challenges involved in making dietary and lifestyle modifications within busy family and office environments. She aims to help you strike a balance between the two and impart practical nutrition advice which you can apply lifelong, and which is grounded in evidence-based nutritional principles.

Many of her clients see her for weight management, low energy, gastro-intestinal conditions, female health, male health, stress-related conditions, cardiovascular health, healthy ageing and/or because they are interested in carrying out genetic testing to help optimise their diet and lifestyle.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) 

A Psychological Tool

Nutrition education alone is often not sufficient in addressing the challenges we face with chronic health issues. The eater has his/her own psychology, and this is equally important in optimising nutritional programmes and well-being. As Hippocrates said “It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has”.

For this reason, Clinical EFT (“tapping”) is incorporated into nutritional programmes where appropriate, by mutual consent. Clinical EFT is a psychological tool (not therapy) which has its efficacy grounded in scientifically validated research studies.

Nutritional Therapy


A programme that suits your body and needs


Lose weight

A winning diet

Genetic match

Food & gene matching


Boost energy

Food to fuel you

Reduce cravings

Snack less often


Food intolerance

Do you have any?

Boost mood

Good mood food


Lower stress

Stabilising nourishment

Feel younger

Find youthful vitality

Your Therapist

In her own words
Sylvia Salvendy

Sylvia Salvendy

Nutritional Therapist

Firstly, I take a holistic, or “Functional Medicine” approach and address the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms. This means I look at the complex web of interactions in body systems, as well as environmental and lifestyle factors that can lead to imbalances and influence long-term health.

Secondly, I don’t ask you to give up all your favourite foods. Why? Because nutritional advice and programmes based on choice restriction usually fail. People get tired of feeling deprived. They go off their programmes, and even worse, then feel bad about themselves for not having enough will power, discipline, or motivation to stick to their regimes.

Thirdly, I don’t just explain to you what you need to do, I help you do it. Your progress is monitored and you are guided until you feel you can confidently support your well-being. Step-by-step, practical dietary and lifestyle modifications are introduced which are realistic for you- and within your comfort zone. This way, adjustments will fit into your lifestyle and consequently have a more lasting impact on your long-term health and well-being.