Sports Massage

Boost your performance. Be fit for life.

Sports Massage Canary Wharf

Sports massage is helpful for:

  • Maintain the body generally in better condition.

  • Prevent injuries and loss of mobility.

  • Cure and restore mobility to injured muscle tissue.

  • Boost performance.

  • Extend the overall life of your sporting career.

  • Improved fluid circulation (blood, lymph),

  • Muscular relaxation,

  • General relaxation,

  • Functional separation of muscle and connective tissue (i.e., breaking up adhesions),

  • Connective tissue normalization (releasing areas of tension, etc.)

  • Increased mental alertness and clarity, and

  • Deactivation of trigger points. (A trigger point is a nodule of tight muscle tissue that can refer pain locally or to other areas of the body.)

Sports Massage Canary Wharf

The prime purpose of sports massage therapy is to help alleviate the stress and tension which builds up in the body’s soft tissues during physical activity. Where minor injuries and lesions occur, due to overexertion and/or overuse, massage can break them down quickly and effectively. Above all, it can help prevent those niggling injuries that so often get in the way of performance and achievement, whether one is an athlete, ardent keep-fitter or a once a week jogger.

Sports massage tends to be deeper and more intense. It is based on the various elements of Swedish massage and often incorporates a combination of other techniques involving stretching, compression, friction, toning, and trigger point response techniques similar to Acupressure and Shiatsu. The skilled therapist brings together this blend of techniques, knowledge and advice during treatment, to work effectively with the client to bring about optimum performance and to provide injury-free training and minimise post event injuries.

Your Therapist

Gregory Curylo

Gregory Curylo

Sports Massage Therapist

I am an ice hockey player for Streatham Nightwolves. Ice hockey training is extremely tough on the body and I have suffered from a range of sporting injuries from frozen shoulder to Achilles tendon problems. I have benefitted greatly myself from sports massage and enjoy helping others return to their training quicker with this rehabilitation treatment.

But this treatment is not just for the sports person. I believe that anyone could benefit from sports massage, including people in physically demanding jobs and those not quite so obvious (occupational, emotional and postural stress may produce many similar characteristics to sports injuries).

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