Ioana Tudoroiu

Ioana Tudoroiu

Theta healer


Profession: Theta Healing Practitioner

Therapies: Theta Healing Advanced DNA


Phone: 07949 398 805 


London Theta healing practitioner

After discovering her inner curiosity to find out the way physical reality happens, Ioana was guided to deep dive into her own consciousness to find the answers she needed. This was followed by a period of thorough personal research in fields as philosophy, spirituality, psychology in an attempt to answer the many HOWs and WHYs which kept her hungry for knowledge. She came across energy working methods and after studying Reiki she fell in love with Theta healing for the accuracy this method provides and also the instant changes it brings.

Ioana would happily read about subatomic particles and the way they behave in quantum physics before discovering a more holistic approach to energy and the way consciousness manifests.

Also by studying her own sensitivity to different environments she started discovering profound connections about how all systems of the physical body, emotional body, mental body and spiritual body are intertwined to reality and how this is all encoded in human DNA. She is interested to specialise in gene programming and meanwhile doing further studies she wants to share her knowledge with everyone whom this may benefit.



ThetaHealing Basic DNA – ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge


ThetaHealing Advanced DNA – ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge


Canary Wharf nutritional therapist

ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge

Only a practitioner who has been certified by THInK® is entitled to be called a ThetaHealer®. Only those energy healing practices developed and approved by Vianna and THInK® can be called ThetaHealing®.

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