ThetaHealing London

ThetaHealing is a non-invasive energy healing modality which helps people tap into the energy of the ALL THAT IS which produces vibrational changes with meaningful results. By switching to the theta brainwaves people are able to access the energy in the subatomic particles in the neurons which commands the DNA codes. Healing happens on all levels, however this depends solely on the clients` TRUE wish for healing, making instant healings frequent.

Benefits of ThetaHealing

Cure illness

Solve illness from the deepest cause

Reprogram DNA

Heal faulty genes and inherited patterns

Balance emotions

Heal emotions and find genuine happiness

Change beliefs

By changing the belief system physical reality changes

Understanding & awareness

Understand yourself better


Find your truth

Find answers to your existential questions

Your Therapist

In her own words
Ioana Tudoroiu

Ioana Tudoroiu

Theta healing practitioner

What began as a research trip into my own consciousness brought me to the realisation that this has always been my life purpose and was also to become something to practice professionally and also help people. The diversity of phenomena which pushed me to do this research now came together as a strong foundation for my energy therapy practice. Theta healing helped me become an updated much better version of myself and surely this can happen for everybody. The most amazing thing about energy work and especially Theta healing is that many times the results and healings are instant so it truly changes you for the better. It is also a wonderful tool for gaining a better and deeper understanding of the world, of life and of most important of yourself and your many aspects by providing true answers to your hardest questions. Theta healing has wonderful results for any kind of limitation you temporarily encounter in your life such as genetic illness, financial problems or bad dreams etc. as it works by reprogramming DNA to perfect health.