Tibb Medicine

Ancient Greek medicine for modern lifestyles

Tibb Medicine London

The ancient Tibb-Unani tradition that has over 3000 years of recorded history. Our Greek medicine physician specialises in identifying your unique temperament/Mizaj to tailor make a plan of treatment to suit your individual needs. Alongside herbal medicine, he will discuss with you how you balance your life and how to work towards healing by regulating internal patterns of living. He various conditions including digestion problems, and various other illnesses that can be treated using modifications in diet and life balance changes as well as herbs and oils where necessary.

Treatment will depend on the patient, on consultation we will work out a treatment plan of sessions required to treat the illness and the duration of time required.

Benefits of Tibb Medicine

Improved Health

Achieve a better quality of life


Find direction

Move towards health goals

Improved Health

Find a sense of inner and overall wellbeing

Target health worries

Face health concerns giving you anxieties

Understand your imbalances

Know patterns causing ill health


Reduce pain

Understand causes and make lifestyle choices

Your Therapist

In his own words

Abdus Azad

Tibb Physician

It does not matter what your concern is I am here and available to assist you in your journey.

I am a good listener and will try to understand your concerns and needs, I will work to prepare a therapy strategy that will be practical and effective in managing and dealing with your concerns.

I will explain each stage of treatment with you so you are always well informed and through our journey together you will achieve better health and wellbeing.